Dry diamond drill Perles with patented overload clutch
Šenčur , 06.05.15
Fast and accurate drilling up to 82 mm in building materials, such as: concrete masonry, sand-lime bricks and tiles. Suitable for electrical instalation work in places where presence of water is not allowed. Patented overload clutch with rotating balls, without any heat rise, protects te user from injury and transmission against breakage, extremely long lifetime.
New! Floor guide FB180 for easy concrete grinding
Šenčur , 28.05.15
New floor guide in combination with Perles concrete grinders covers more square meters in less time and less effort. It is ideal grinding system for grinding and smoothing surfaces, removing of screed seems, residual mud, plaster and coatings and preparation of surfaces. Advantages: telescopic handle for grinding in an upright position - made to suit body height, special system for level grinding at all levels.
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